QASI offers individuals and companies a great opportunity to provide implementation support and training through our growing Value Adding Resellers (VAR) Program. This can be used to supplement your already established business services, or if desired become your primary business offering ... it is up to you !

QASI offers VARs equitable sales commissions for the sale of all QASI products and services. This includes the Q-Manager , QASI training and support products, QASI Pre-Audits and Introduction Events, Seminars, and the subscription to The BOSs.

Even though our Q-Manager is designed as self-implemented program many opportunities are available for providing assistance and support to QASI Users.

There are many levels of support requests and specific industry knowledge is a plus, but not required for our implementation of the Q-Manager.

We encourage QuickBooksAdvisors, Suppliers, Accountants, and other Industry Consultants to consider this opportunity. The framework the Q-Manager provides will certainly make any collision repair facility become more profitable and system orientated. It truly provides a total system approach to the industry in a way that makes dollars and sense.

Do You Qualify ?

Strong communication skills and a love for training others are two positive skill traits that are a must. Being comfortable with basic office software programs in Microsoft Office will be necessary as well. We present a very professional image to our clients and we expect the same from our VARs. Are you ready ?

Our network is growing and the demand is getting even more stronger. Please write, call us or e-mail us at:

PO Box 532364
Indianapolis IN
(866) QASI-USA

We provide training programs quarterly in Indianapolis, Indiana at no charge other than your travel and related expenses. Call us for more details.


I am interested in becoming a Value Adding Reseller

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