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The Q-Manager


ach feature in Q-Manager's quality assurance system is specifically designed for application in a collision-repair operation. Q-Manager and the elements of ISO 9001:2000 Standards will effectively apply to any type of collision repair business. An Independent Registrar Accredited Board, RAB, certified auditors, perform 3rd party quality assurance system certifications. Certification of compliance to quality assurance management standards is individual to each facility and audited yearly.

The Q-Manager: Quality Assurance System

• QA Assistant - Self-directed Implementation Guides
• QA Resource Binder
- Forms, Checklists, Procedures
• QA Wall Charts - Process Flow Charts
• The Control Binder
and QA Procedure Binder
• Self-paced employee Quality Assurance Orientation Guide

How does Q-Manager work?

• It provides the means to attain the company's goals and objectives.

• It establishes the quality policy and objectives of the organization

• It identifies the needs and expectations of customers

• It identifies the gaps in the operation's process and efficiency

• It identifies processes and accountabilities to reach company's goals

• It establishes methods to measure effectiveness and efficiency

• It determines means of preventing non-conformities and eliminating causes

• It establishes and applies the commitment for continual improvement 

Key Benefits

Financial Returns When properly implemented, resources devoted towards quality improvement have the greatest positive yield of almost any other investment your company can make.
Creation of Value Your organization is systemized and can be replicated ... a much higher valued business is the result.

Increased Stability

A process driven program that can be replicated, produce consistent results, and systematically managed.
Customer Focus Quality Standards direct the entire organization towards the Customer's needs and satisfaction.
Leadership A unity of purpose and clear direction is established.
Involvement of People Full involvement is required and this enables individuals to use their abilities for the company's benefit.
System Approach Requires management to identify, understand, and control processes to contribute to the company's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the business's objectives.
Process Approach Desired results are achieved more efficiently when activities and resources are managed as a process.
Continual Improvement Nonconformance requires documented corrective and preventative action plans.
Factual Decision Making Management decisions are based on the analysis of objective data and information.
Supplier Relationships Suppliers provide goods and services that meet your quality assurance standards.



QA Assistant: A self-directed implementation guide that when completed becomes your Quality Assurance Manual with Quality Assurance Standards that can be audited and certified. Each of the 11 sections of the QA Assistant are broken down into segments. This makes the implementation of the Quality Assurance System easy to follow, manageable, and meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards.

QA Resource Binder: The Binder is a source and controls the system's documents. It comes pre-loaded with forms, checklists, procedures, and reports for your quality assurance system.

QA Wall Charts: These process wall charts are pre-constructed for mounting in associated work areas to guide quality assured job activities. Each chart identifies the points within a work process where a test or inspection of work must occur.

The Control Binder: The Binder manages the quality assurance records such as: Key Performance Reports, Quality Control Reports, Internal and External Auditing Results, Auditing Schedules, and Quality Related Meetings.

QA Procedure Binder: The Binder is the source of the company's operating procedures and account requirements.

Introduction to Quality Assurance Guide: A self-paced guide that introduces quality assurance and management to your employees and staff.

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