QASI Certification Assistance

We can train your internal auditors on the Q-Manager System
We monitor 3rd party auditor compliance and effectiveness
• We audit training and certification for internal for 1st and 2nd party auditors
We provide Pre-Audit Analysis of Operation before the 3rd party Final Audit


So who audits your system to meet ISO 9000:2000 Standards ?

The most important element of any certification or accreditation is the credibility of the
audit. This is why we believe it is very important to our industry that the certification or
accreditation audit be done by a completely independent internationally recognized registrar.

Yes, we could have decided to certify our own system, but what value does this offer ?

The Q-Manager is the first Quality Assurance System specifically designed for the collision repair industry. We suggest Entela as your ISO Certification and Accreditation resource.

Entela is an internationally recognized Registrar that has extensive automotive experience. They are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their reputation of integrity is outstanding related to our automotive industry.

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