Product Verification

Each feature in Q-Manager's quality assurance system is specifically designed for application in a collision-repair operation. Q-Manager and the elements of ISO 9001:2000 Standards will effectively apply to any type of collision repair business.

An Independent Registrar Accredited Board, RAB, certified auditors, perform 3rd party quality assurance system certifications. Certification of compliance to quality assurance management standards is individual to each facility and audited yearly.

Proven Success

PIMS, the Profit Impact of Market Strategy business study that has been underway since the 1970's concluded that organizations that focus on quality and achieve it have higher returns on resources and are frequently market leaders.

The Plexus Corporation ISO 9000 Survey '99 Report, small and medium sized businesses responded that the benefits they received for certification included:


Higher Perceived Value
Competitive Advantage
Higher Customer Satisfaction


Improved Process Documentation
Greater Quality Awareness by Staff
Greater Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Product Versatility

Unlike early ISO 9000 certification systems that were very costly and commonly took over a year to reach certification, the Q-Manager provides a very cost effective system that can be completed in a timely manner.

The Q-Manager Package is designed to minimize the need for outside assistance in implementing the Quality Assurance System reducing costs significantly.

Joint ownership by management and staff, a key requirement of the Quality Assurance System, assures better understanding and buy-in to achieve lasting results and operational excellence.

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